About Me


My Background

 During my studies at textile art school, I was introduced to bobbin lace technique, which I found fascinating, I quickly fell in love bobbin lace technique, and have pursued this art form ever since. 


My Medium

 For me, making bobbin lace is like creating a painting; instead of brush and paint, I am using threads, pins, and bobbins. I am expressing myself by using different colors, patterns, and thickness of threads.   Colors allow me to project my feelings, while different patterns and thickness of threads accentuate the feeling of depth. It is very exciting to combine the shapes, colors, and matrix of textiles to create visual abstract patterns. 


My Inspiration

I find inspiration for my art in nature and also from my frequent travels around the globe. Organic forms of my designs exude a primordial essence. I view my technique as a matrix of cells coming together to create a new form of life. I strive for my composition to be a balanced harmony of positive and negative space, texture, and colors.

For me, making bobbin lace is a spiritual journey, form of meditation, connecting with inner space and the Universe.


Check out this great videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buVhhWJVT_c