About Me


I was born in the Czech Republic, and 18 years ago I moved to United States and settled in Florida.  I studied textile art design at school in Brno, Czech Republic, then earned a Master’s Degree in Art History at Masaryk University in Brno. 

Some career highlights are as follows:

1990-1996  Owned and published philosophy-oriented magazine

1992-1999  Teacher at Art School, Ostrava, SUPS CZ

1994-1996  Teacher at Art Aesthetics at a private Art School, Ostrava, CZ

1996-2000  Established and operated School for Young Artists, a private school, Ostrava, CZ

2003-2007  Established and operated Spirit of International Art, a non-profit organization, Belleview, FL 

2005-2012  Established and operated Art Club of Belleview, a non-profit organization, Belleview, FL

Over the years, my art has been published in many Magazines including: Palickovani, Koloppeln  Mit Juliane,  Vuelta and Cross, Threads magazine, Hatalk.com, Ocala Magazine, Ocala Style, Star Banner, Sedmicka, and more.

Honored with City of Belleview, Business Person of the Year Award, 2009

Honored with Key to the City of Belleview Award, 2010 for my continued involvement in and contribution to the Belleview Art Scene

Published in Who is Who of America 2006 and 2007

Invited to Presidential White House, Washington, D.C., 2006

My Medium 

During my studies at textile art school, I was introduced to bobbin lace technique, which I found fascinating, I quickly fell in love bobbin lace technique, and have pursued this art form ever since.

For me, making bobbin lace is like creating a painting; instead of brush and paint, I am using threads, pins, and bobbins. I am expressing myself by using different colors, patterns, and thickness of threads.   Colors allow me to project my feelings, while different patterns and thickness of threads accentuate the feeling of depth. It is very exciting to combine the shapes, colors, and matrix of textiles to create visual abstract pattern.